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Poster: Visual16 Date: Aug 31, 2008 6:52pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Profiting off of

I'm a >6 year user/fan. I hope nothing kills the Archive!!!
And all those example posts you put up have been removed. In a consciencious way, if people help to police the site, less trouble I'm sure! We need a quick and easy report system for bad files.

Back to the original post, I'm glad to see this discussed here. I have been to youtube and seen where the user "links" to his personal website, and then calls himself this "great original provider of historical footage", etc. Charges a fortune $30 a disk for Prelinger footage, and the entire collection is nothing but Prelinger footage. I guess they read the fine print about Public Domain. Is this where the Creative Commons Licence is any help?
Obviously, the "comments are disabled" on youtube and also on their "sales site"...I wonder why! LOL

The very mention of or Prelinger archives blows their whole trip..

So the only method I can come up with is on Youtube post Prelinger stuff and MENTION Prelinger Archives, and use every search tag they use to get traffic, and use the same picture for the film that they use so people can see that they are identical films! That way the Yousnooze search engine will place their "offerings" next to a link to where the public can get the same stuff for FREE. Any other ideas, post :)